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Anglo Australian Motor Sport is the ONLY Formula Ford Drive Day provider in Australia that offers you the chance to safely use the full power of a real F1-Style Formula Ford Race Car.  Your Driver Instruction comes from professional Formula Ford Race car drivers, and you have EXCLUSIVE use of one of Australia's premier race tracks.

Whether you are an individual, group or company, Anglo Australian Motor Sport has a full range of Driving Experience Packages to suit any occasion or event.

With over 25 years of experience, our company was founded as a professional Formula Ford motor racing team with the aim to build, supply and prepare competitive race cars and provide associated services.

Through this development, we have also built a solid reputation for supplying Australia's leading Formula Ford race car driving experience for the general public.

When considering our Formula Ford Drive Days over any other, you will immediately notice the finer details and inclusions offered such as:

  1. Real Formula Ford Race Cars – There are no engine rev limiters; your car is the same as driven by professional Championship Winning race drivers.
  2. Full Drivers Instruction – Our instructors are professional Formula Ford race car drivers who are knowledgeable and helpful; their aim is to ensure you have the ultimate drive day experience.
  3. Exclusive Track Hire – We book one of Australia's premier race tracks for your exclusive use ONLY; no sharing with other driving events or activities.
  4. Braking, Cornering Markers – The markers are set up uniquely for Formula Ford Race Cars to optimize your cornering speeds and car performance so you can drive to the limit!

With our professional and friendly team, highly maintained vehicles, clean and welcoming facilities, and fresh and easy-to-learn instruction, you will find our company offers you the ultimate Drive Day Experience.  From the booking stage to race car preparation and right through to your last lap,  come and see why people rave about us and come back time and time again.




Individual Driving Experience

"One of the most challenging and thrilling experiences I’ve had. Being squeezed into the tiny race seat and only centimeters from the ground really added to the excitement. The instructor was great and gave me the confidence to go faster with every lap. Would definitely go back for more!"

Brad L

"What a great day! I cannot believe just how fast those cars can go! It's way too much fun -- way better than a V8. Tim is great and really taught us how to drive those things."


"I was looking for an exciting way to spend my 50th birthday. I wasn't disappointed. The staff, cars supplied and schedule were first class and more than met my expectations. Thanks for giving me a 50th birthday that I will always remember and I'll be back for more in the near future."

Neale B

"Tim and his crew were just so accomodating throughout the day. It was a pleasure to be there."

Robert J

Advanced Driving Experience

"Fantastic day! Great value for money. Really learned a lot about how to make these cars hum!"

Chris S

“I found Anglo Australian Motor Sport to be a professional company staffed with engineers and technicians who are experienced in Formula Ford racing. Tim Beale, a modest mechanical engineer who has spent years racing Formula race cars, brings a unique understanding not only to race theory, but to the physics of car behavior under the extreme loads experienced during high speed maneuvers on the race track. When I first started practicing with Anglo, I had no experience in Formula Ford racing. At my first practice day at Wakefield Park, Tim took me around the track for a few laps in a standard road car, showing me the best places to break and accelerate, then let me loose in the Formula race car. By the end of the day, I was hooked. As time has progressed, Tim and his crew of experienced technicians have trained me in race craft and I’ve progressively improved to a point where I am now competing in CAMS races in NSW. Anglo Motor Sport knows what they’re doing and I would recommend them to anyone.”

Gene Stacey

"I have been an avid racing fan all my life. I’ve done a bit of karting, and driven V8’s, stunt cars and rally cars in other similar Driving Experiences. In 2009 decided to test myself to see if I had what it took to be a proper front running driver. My first step was to contact Anglo Motor Sport and step into a Formula Ford race car on one of their Advanced Driving Experience days. The cars are fast and the driver instruction on the day was outstanding. Surprisingly, I felt I was on the pace fairly quickly. Now I've stepped up, I'm winning races, I'm leading the Championship and things are looking good for my motor racing progression!"

Steve C

Corporate Team Building

"I just want to say thanks once again for the day. It was awesome."

Anthony MacDonald – Athlete Manager - Red Bull Australia

"On behalf of the Johnnie Walker team, thanks again for your enthusiasm and hard work to make the track day last week such a success."

Charlie Downing – Johnnie Walker Sponsorship Manager - Asia Pacific

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Johnnie Walker Company and all those involved in making that day at the Goulburn Racetrack for me such a Exciting, Thrilling, Spectacular and Brilliant experience! It was my first time in a Racing Car and it won't be the last; I must do it again sometime. At the end of racing at Goulburn, I was on such a High and the Adrenalin was still flowing for days after. I'm 58 years old and it made me feel 21 again!!"

Grenville Perth (lucky winner of the Johnnie Walker Challenge competition)

"It was fantastic, we can't wait to do it again."

Jaclyn Merlino - Option One Financial Partners

"Thanks for your impeccable organisation. Gordon commented that it was the best day he's had so far, Craig ecstatic & I had my most fun ever."

Thomas Spillane – Man Financial Australia


See how Anglo's Championship Winning Drivers take it to the limit!!!

Video recorded by Channel 7

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"I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Johnnie Walker Company and all those involved in making that day at the Goulburn Racetrack for me such a Exciting, Thrilling, Spectacular and Brilliant

Grenville Perth (lucky winner of the Johnnie Walker Challenge competition)

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